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TC Rhythmics Rhythmic Gymnastics New York Queens


About Rhythmic Gymnastics

Rhythmic gymnastics is a sport, which combines flexibility, athleticism, hand-eye coordination and grace with ballet elements, acrobatics and music. Routines are performed either freehand or using a variety of apparatus including ball, rope, hoop, ribbon and clubs. Along with learning technical skills, gymnasts acquire necessary life skills

such as communication, time management, leadership, cooperation, maturity, teamwork,

and organization. They learn the value of delayed gratification and make life-long friendships. 

About Us

TC Rhythmics began in September of 2004 and in the past 15 years we have introduced over 200 girls to the sport of rhythmic gymnastics. Our mission is to help each of our students reach her potential in dance and rhythmic gymnastics while having fun in a supportive environment.  

We offer 2 programs: Recreational Rhythmics and Competitive Team. We have four convenient locations located in Queens and Long Island, New York and offer classes on almost every day of the week, including weekends.


Our coaches are experienced gymnasts and dancers that desire to pass on their love of their disciplines to others.

For programs in Manhattan, see our associated team:

Manhattan Rhythmics


Ring balance rhythmic gymnastics
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